We're Different Than The Other Guys!

We designed Lightning Launch to be the most inventor-centric product development, invention licensing, and product distribution firm in the world.

First and foremost, we understand you, the Inventor! 

Not simply because inventors are the life-blood of our industry, but because we started our business with actual inventor experience. Our founders are the inventors of SeatPets. Unlike those other guys, we saw a need for truth and integrity in the product development and invention licensing industry and are working hard to fill that void.  Most other companies make their money off of bad ideas...giving lots of praise and collecting lots of fees.  Not us!  We have built Lightning Launch on the success of great inventions!  We see hundreds of products a month and we say 'no' to the majority of them, because we don't want you, the inventor, wasting money or time.  Instead, we encourage you to make necessary changes, or even go back to the drawing board. Here's a little secret...it's not always your first idea that is your best idea.


Our business isn't based on fee for services work; we don't sell patents, prototypes or an online portfolio. Our process is easy, transparent, and very affordable! We are diligent and proactive in our approach because we stand shoulder to shoulder as partners in search of success. We don't succeed unless you succeed. 


We have the knowledge, experience and relationships necessary to execute a cohesive strategy that gets your product on the shelves of retailers, quickly! Once it's there, we work hard to manage market penetration and ensure long-term success.





The Founders:

Michael Noll

Founder & CEO

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Amber Roback

Founder & COO

Michael Noll brings nearly 20 years of C-level management experience in the venture capital, banking, and private equity sectors to Lightning Launch.  He was the founder and CEO of Hamilton Capital Partners, Inc., Senior Managing Partner at GNA Commercial Funding Group, and Chairman and CEO of Group One NorthEast, Inc.

Amber Roback is responsible for marketing, branding and product development. She brings a creative outlook and over 10 years of experience in television production and media. Prior to Lightning Launch she was a Producer at TelePictures, Sony and Discovery. 

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