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Is Your Passion Holding You Back?

by Amber Roback, COO, Lightning Launch, LLC.

As an inventor, I know that you think of the product you created as your baby. It may have started as a thought on a napkin, or perhaps you went into development very quickly. Either way, you’re passionate about it, and that passion might just be holding you back. When you’re deeply entrenched in the idea of something you think will change the world (even if in some small way), it’s hard to let go, even a little bit. But relinquishing some of that control is what will ultimately help you succeed. There will be a point that you have to take a step back and say, I just can’t take this any further on my own. And that’s ok, you’ve already accomplished a lot. Bringing a product to market is an uphill battle that takes thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Your passion for your invention can sometimes hold you back rather than help you thrive. It can make you blind to the real opportunities around you. A successful product takes effort and determination, and more often than not, seeing past your own passion. Even Thomas Edison couldn’t do it alone, he eventually had to join forces with partners, and together they created the world’s first “invention factory”. It was that moment of insight, when Edison realized that he needed a little help, that kept him going, and in bigger and better ways than before. At Lightning Launch we work with inventors who need help bringing their product to the next level, we become partners who have the same hopes for your invention…success!

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