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Unleashing Your Inventive Spirit

Many people who have really good ideas never take the plunge and try to bring them to market. Why not? Sure, some lack knowledge about how to present their ideas to companies, but many also doubt the value of their own creative ideas. They doubt themselves. We’ve talked to inventors who waited a year, or two, or five before finally getting in touch with us, even though they were sitting on very strong products.

The truth is that if an idea keeps coming to mind, and if you don’t already see it in stores, you may really be onto something—something that could be very valuable. Yet, believing that you are an inventor—and a talented one—can seem like a leap. Maybe you’re an accountant now. Maybe you work at the mall. Maybe you own a restaurant. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom. Is it arrogant or idealistic to think you could also be someone with the next “big idea?”

No, it isn’t arrogant at all. Successful inventors come from every walk of life. They are every age—from children to senior citizens. Some come up with their ideas while preparing a meal and wishing they had different utensils to make things easier. Some come up with ideas getting dressed and realizing that a different item of clothing or a different accessory would look good or be especially useful. Ideas can occur to anyone, at any time.

Here’s the key: You wouldn’t keep thinking of your invention, again and again, if you were meant to keep it secret and never do anything with it.

Believe in your invention. Believe in yourself. Don’t pay any attention to those who tell you that most ideas go nowhere or that you need to have a huge company to create a retail product that ends up on the shelves of Target or WalMart. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the folks telling you to hold back might just be a little threatened by the possibility you could be onto something.

If you’re thinking right now that this blog describes you—a person with idea for a product who hasn’t taken the plunge to bring it to market—then take the first step right now. Click on our “Let’s Get Started Now!” link and invest the time, energy and just a little bit of money in yourself. Unleashing your inventive spirit has never been easier.

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