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A Few Degrees of Change, A Whole New Direction

One of the key lessons we’ve learned by developing products that have ended up on the shelves of major retailers like Walmart, Target, ToysRUs and CVS is that small changes in product design or marketing can yield massive changes in the response of retailers and in sales to consumers. That’s why we work so hard with the inventors who partner with us to tweak their ideas and get them ready for “prime time.”

Something as simple as adding a pocket to a stuffed animal, or slightly altering the contour of a pet grooming tool, or changing the color of the “Order Now” button on a website can transform a product that’s barely selling into a product that sells millions of units.

At Lightning Launch we don’t just partner on ideas and pitch them; when it makes sense, we help develop them. We refine them. We team up with inventors to make their ideas more and more powerful through our integrated, synergistic, collaborative process. Whether you partner with us or someone else, we advise you to make sure that your “team” is dedicated to being just that—a creative team focused on optimizing your idea and orchestrating its deployment into the market like a laser beam, not just “throwing it out there.”

Retailers and e-tailers aren’t strangers to the concept of product refinement. That’s why we can often bring ideas “back to life” that seemed lackluster or to have lost their momentum. Product development is no different than writing a short story or a novel; the magic is in the editing. Getting to a bestseller is rarely about the first draft. It’s about the second or third or fifth iteration of the idea.

At Lightning Launch we don’t take “no” for an answer when the real answer should be, “maybe, with a slight change or two, you’re onto something.” Because even the words “onto something” suggest that product development is a process of discovering the most powerful incarnation of an idea. Seeds of ideas are commonplace. We’ve created a growing place for ideas where they can mature and flower.

Your idea deserves the same nurturance. Don’t believe that the idea you have in mind, or the schematic you see on paper, or the prototype you hold in your hand must be the final version. It may be a pit stop along that wonderful labyrinth of invention that ultimately leads to the central goal of a blockbuster product.

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