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That Product Idea You Already Tried - Well, Sort of...

More than once, we’ve fallen in love with products that had been turned down by other marketing teams and we’ve found ways to distribute them, generating significant income. Why does this keep happening? Because every team uses a different lens to focus on opportunities and every team has different resources.

Bringing a product to market is no different than pursuing any other goal; even if one or two or three teams haven’t shared your passion for it, you shouldn’t give up on it, when you still believe in it.

Did you know that some books were presented to over 100 publishers before becoming international bestsellers? Did you know that some blockbuster albums—including Michael Jackson’s Thriller—were turned away from companies that didn’t think much of them?

Well, at Lightning Launch we know that some products “hit” right away, while others travel a path a little like a labyrinth, seemingly veering away from their real potential—maybe more than once—before headed straight for it. We don’t give up on ideas that we champion, and you shouldn’t, either.

Even if you’ve tried presenting your invention to other companies, if you still think it could be a winner, we think there’s a chance you could be right. That’s why we take every submission as a fresh idea and pay no attention to whether other folks have turned it down.

Even if you’ve manufactured your product, but have met with disappointing sales, we think a different approach might yield dramatically better results—if you think so, too.

If you have an idea that you’ve half-pursued or even wholeheartedly pursued, to no avail, yet you’re still thinking of that idea while reading this blog, then you shouldn’t let it go. Whether you send it to us (which we, of course, think is your best bet) or to another marketing/manufacturing group, send it to someone. Don’t sell your dream short. Don’t see yourself short. And don’t be afraid to tell whomever you connect with the complicated path your product has traveled, the roadblocks you’ve encountered and the frustrations you’ve felt.

At Lightning Launch, we’re inventors, too, so we understand that great ideas sometimes fall on deaf ears. Very rich creative journeys can sometimes feel like they have ended. And nothing makes us happier than seeing the promise in something that others have dismissed too readily.

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