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In 2015, Resolve To Get Invention Help!

Do you make sure you’re home every Friday night to catch ABC’s Shark Tank? Do you find yourself constantly talking about that great invention idea you’ve had for years, and how you should do something with it? Well, it’s time to stop watching the sharks and jump in the tank! Stop wondering if your invention idea could be the next best-selling product and find out for sure. The truth is, the longer you sit on a great invention the better the chances are that someone else is going to come up with that very same idea. We’ve all heard of the Snuggie, which has sold over 20 million units. But, did you know that the Snuggie was really just the first big mover? It’s true! The Slanket and Freedom Blanket were kicking around when the Snuggie made its As Seen On TV debut, to thunderous applause (and sales!). So don’t wait, don’t be the Slanket, find out more about licensing your invention idea.

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