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What Makes A Great ‘As Seen On TV’ Product?

You may have a great idea or invention, but the question we have at Lightning Launch is, “Is it a good As Seen On TV product?” If so, you should be answering yes to the following criteria:

1) Unique- Are consumers going to see your product and believe they’ve never seen anything else like it?

2) Cost- Can you get 5x the markup on your manufacturing cost? If so, does your product still have an accurate perceived value?

3) Problem solver- Does your invention idea solve a clear problem? And is that problem felt by the masses?

4) Solution- Does your invention have a demonstrable solution?

Many inventors believe they’ve come up with the next big million-dollar idea, but to reach that level you must be able to imagine your product in the homes of almost all Americans. If it's not quite there yet, let us help prepare your invention for licensing.

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