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A Patent Search Is Key

So you have an idea that you think is going to really make it big. It is probably a wonderful idea, but when you have an idea that you think will really blow the roof off the place it is important to take a step back and to think about a few things. One of the key things that needs to be done is that you need to check the competition to see if your million dollar idea has been done before or is being done right now.

Now if you are advanced in the field and you really know what you are doing then you can go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and you can do an advanced search in their databases. It is a very advanced system and they mostly work via keywords and a numbered data system. For many this can be very difficult and confusing if you don’t know the exact and specific titles and keywords that you are looking for.

For those of you that are not quite sure how to work the rather complicated system of the USPTO, there are other options to see if your product or idea is already in existence. In many cases a good preliminary way to search is as simple as going to a place such as Amazon or Ebay to see if there is a product that is similar to what you have envisioned.

Simply go to the search bar and type in a simple description or a keyword of your invention or idea. Say your invention is a type of bladed potato masher. So you would go to the search bar and type in bladed potato masher. And you would find that there are plenty of those already in production. This is an important thing to find out as it tells you whether the idea you have is already a widely used one.

The point to taking on an invention or idea is so that it will become a product or something people will be buying. So if it is already prominent on the market then it will not have as much value as something that is original and hasn’t been introduced to these places yet. If you find a product that is similar to yours, then there needs to be something that makes yours stand out from the competition. Something different and that potentially makes it better and more appealing.

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