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Gaining an International Perspective

Being a boutique company, we are often asked about the scope of our capabilities. Clients want to be assured that we are not only able to work with companies all around the U.S., but that we are constantly seeking new opportunities, new partners, and new demographics. Creating new relationships in retail and licensing is as important as fostering our existing relationships, and we devote significant energy to make sure that no area of the industry is off-limits to us.

While inventor exhibitions in the U.S. are regularly attended by invention companies—we attend close to 30 each year—the international inventor community has been somewhat marginalized; inventors from Europe find it difficult to break into U.S. markets, and American inventors often struggle to secure a foothold for their product abroad. With this in mind, we attended Geneva’s Exhibition of Inventions in April, and discovered a wealth of creativity in the process. From Malaysia and Japan to France and Spain, inventors put truly cutting-edge products on display. We had the pleasure of speaking with many of these inventors, and found that while many had had success in European markets, or online, they had struggled to reach American audiences. The opportunity to introduce inventors’ ideas to eager consumers here in the U.S. is a truly transformative step for those inventors.

Conversely, our connecting with business owners and buyers overseas has proven beneficial for our clients here at home. To succeed in this industry, you must keep abreast of trends, technologies, and consumer patterns, and gaining an international perspective goes a long way toward doing this. By establishing a firm international foothold, learning about the European and Asian consumer trends, and acquainting ourselves with the technological possibilities of other countries, we are better able to forecast the markets here at home, as well as have a more holistic perspective of the industry. We look forward to attending more exhibitions in the coming months. We’d love to see you there!

If you'd like to speak with us at one of the shows we attend, you can schedule a meeting at:

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