• Michael Noll

Toy Fair Recap

I’m just back from my 10th ToyFair. While it’s hard to capture everything I saw and talked about this year in a few sentences, there is a common theme worth pointing out to our inventors and product owners - everything that’s old is NEW again and analog will be the sweet spot in the holiday sets.

‘Simple' rules! Forget the AI and ‘virtual’ noise - kids this year just want to have fun and they want to play with things they can hold in their hands - imagination is far from dead! This is great news for inventors - you don’t have to spend a fortune prototyping something technically mind-blowing - just re-invent the wheel!

Most importantly, I was lucky to see a lot of familiar faces and meet with a lot of old friends - the toy biz is alive and well. 2017 has all of the makings of a great year.

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