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Stay Focused this Summer-3 Ways to Stay Motivated

With the first day of summer quickly approaching it’s easy for productivity to take a hit. A study by Captive Network reported that productivity in the workplace drops by 20% in the summer, and attendance is down 19% during those months. And it’s easy to see why: the kids are out of school, the weather is nice, and vacations are taking up a lot of your planning time. While it may seem impossible to stay on track, there are a few ways that you can enjoy the summer while remaining on task and moving your ideas forward.

Revisit Your Goals

At the start of your summer, take some time to look at your goals and think critically about them. If you know that you will be spending less time on work during the summer, then narrow down your goals to a couple bigger items to prevent yourself getting overwhelmed or even more distracted. Concentrating your focus will help you get that work done faster.

Once you’ve established your goals, be sure to check in on them often. Reminding yourself of your goals daily will make sure they don’t slip to the back of your mind. Keep a log (mentally or physically) of what you do on a daily basis to track your progress.

Stick to a Schedule

If you’re planning a vacation or some time away from the office make sure you have a plan for when you get back. It’s easy to come back from a trip feeling disconnected from the work you did beforehand. Before leaving for vacation come up with a schedule for how you’ll get back into work mode when you return, and be sure to stick to the plan. Schedule blocks of time where you’ll be dedicated to one task at a time. Breaking the work load into pieces will be more manageable and help you ease back into things.

Make Time for Fun

As important it is to keep productivity high in the summer, it’s just as important to take some time to relax and recharge. Taking breaks to enjoy the summer with family and friends can help you approach your work with new ideas and a fresh perspective. By taking some time to step away from work, you can help prevent burn-out and keep motivation alive. The key is to balance your work versus down time. So, go ahead and plan a day at the beach, just have a strategy for how you’ll approach work when you come back.

Many would argue that summer is the best time of the year, so make it your goal to make it your best time of the year too! Don’t let these months drag down your motivation and productivity and stay active by revisiting and staying on top of goals and scheduling dedicated time to specific tasks, while also getting a chance to enjoy the summer before it’s gone.

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