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Don’t Let the Holidays Slow You Down

As everyone knows, it’s easy to get sidetracked during the holidays. First it’s Thanksgiving, with all the preparation that goes into the big meal, then Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday, and before you know it there’s only a few weeks till Christmas! And after that…New Years. And after that…

There's always a reason to procrastinate. Especially during the holiday season, being productive can be a struggle. It’s important, however, not to let the festivities delay your invention dreams unnecessarily. In fact, the holidays are the best time to make progress on your product. With all those extra vacation days, you can focus on building out your website, taking some great product photographs, brainstorming ideas for social media, designing a logo, researching partners who can assist you, etc. The invention process is long and often discouraging. Don’t lose steam. No matter what stage you’re at, don’t let the holidays throw you off track.

The truth is, this is a very time-sensitive industry. If you’re not quick to bring your idea to market, someone else will beat you to it. We usually see a boom in submissions shortly after the holiday season. It’s no surprise that all the shopping and gift-buying get the creative juices flowing, but don’t get lost in the spring rush. If you have an idea, or have already started to build out your product, don’t just say, “I’ll do it after the holidays.” If everyone did it “after the holidays,” you’d get lost in the mix. It’s never to early to get ahead of the pack. The Christmas Season is the most profitable of the year for new products, but just because you might be too late for this year’s season, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about next year. Inventors always take for granted that they have enough time in front of them to launch their product by next year’s holiday season, but procrastination, last-minute doubts, and other delays severely hinder a product’s launch, and jeopardize its holiday sales. So don’t let Christmas 2017 get in the way of Christmas 2018.

Every new stage of the invention process can be frightening and come with considerable doubt, not to mention financial risk. It’s common for inventors with great ideas to look for excuses to play it safe, and either scrap their idea or move forward on their own to save money. The holidays happen to be a particularly convenient excuse, mainly because it doesn’t feel like an excuse. Everyone’s busy around the holidays. Everyone has a million things to do. The difference between the successful and unsuccessful inventors usually comes down to who makes time for their product. Who understands that building out your product’s brand identity, or taking next steps with a strategic partner, is a priority, regardless of the season.

By all means, watch that Christmas movie marathon. Light up the house. Plan a fun New Years trip. But don’t let it come between you and the next important step in your invention career.

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