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Are You Ready To Break Into The US Market?

If you’re an inventor or entrepreneur overseas, you know the best way to take your product to the next level is to break into the U.S market. Maybe you’ve been successful abroad, but your sales have plateaued. Maybe you’ve got a great product, but it hasn’t gained the traction it deserves. Seasoned inventors know that the U.S is an extremely seller-friendly market, as there are an abundance of big box stores, brick-and-mortar retailers, and countless e-commerce opportunities. It’s one thing to recognize the opportunity, and another to approach it the right way. Eager to turn a quick profit, many inventors enter the U.S. market without the proper guidance, marketing assistance, or sales infrastructure,

and ultimately fail. Luckily, Lightning Launch has been there before, with many emerging inventors. We’ve helped guide international inventors to success here in the U.S., and have a deep understanding of what it takes to overcome common obstacles.

An Experienced Partner

With inventors of any background, it’s important to have guidance. Bringing an idea to fruition is great, but oftentimes inventors flounder when it comes time to actually generating inventory, conducting market research, setting price points, making sell sheets, pitching to retailers, etc. We’ve helped several international clients, including those in the UK, Australia and South Africa, to understand the U.S. market, potential demographics, and what materials are needed for success. We have close relationships with both retailers and licensees, and inventors greatly benefit from these built-in connections in an otherwise unfamiliar market.

Appropriate Marketing

The tricky thing about marketing is that it can be highly location based. This makes it exciting, but also frustrating for those trying to transition from a European product release to a U.S. product release. While some materials may be recycled and carried over, oftentimes new press releases, packaging, and web/social media copy will need to be created. Unless you have a team of marketing experts working for you, it can be difficult to know what materials you need, and how they should look.

Set Yourself Up to Succeed

It can be easy to get over-eager about launching your product the U.S., without doing your due diligence about what, exactly, it takes to succeed here. Before pitching to American retailers, several key pieces need to be in place, including a bank account, LLC, fulfillment center, etc. For example, if you manufacture 5,000 units, you’d better have a facility lined up in the U.S. to store them. Otherwise you’ll be stuck housing the units yourself. There are countless industry nuances and key strategies that should be understood before a U.S. product launch, and it’s important to have a partner that can guide you in the right direction.

If a big U.S. launch is the next step in your product’s journey, see if we’re a good fit by visiting our invention portal.

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