• Eben Diskin

The Power of a Good Website

As an inventor, it’s easy to take for granted or forget entirely certain essential steps of the process. It’s only natural to become so wrapped up in designing and developing your product, and looking at go-to-market strategies, that you might forget about one of the most important methods for creating consumer awareness: education. The consumer education process is crucial for the successful launch of your product, and making sure it not only reaches your target audience, but also that that audience understands how your product works and why they need it. A website is an essential component of consumer education. A good website will have all the information your buyers need in one convenient place, be aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable, and demonstrate clearly why your product is a must-have.

A First Impression

While many inventors regard their websites as an afterthought—a peripheral source of information that’s necessary, but maybe not worth a ton of investment—the value of a good website is often underestimated. Your website has the important job of creating a positive, lasting first impression on your audience. If your site is poorly constructed, difficult to navigate, lacks the necessary information, or comes across as clunky and unprofessional, that reflects badly on your product and consumers will be less likely to purchase. You wouldn’t go shopping in a store that smells like mothballs, with rotten floorboards and a leaky ceiling, just as you wouldn’t spend very long on a confusing, ugly website.

Be Informative

Part of creating a solid user experience means being as informative as possible. Make sure you aren’t too wordy, and present your product’s attributes in a concise and clear fashion that’s easy to digest. Long paragraphs, or confusing descriptions, will quickly bore the reader. Show, don’t tell! Video demonstrations are always a good tool for acquainting viewers with your product. Really brainstorm cool ways to engage your consumers with videos, infographics, and pictures, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Try to think of it from the consumer’s perspective. You’ve never heard of this product before, and you have no idea what it is, or what problem it solves. Make sure your website answers these questions, either through informative text or a demonstrational video.


A website isn’t just an educational tool, but a powerful financial one as well. Many consumers are buying online than ever, often directly through product websites. Try to make this as easy as possible by offering a smooth, intuitive online store, where customers can browse your products, easily understand your prices, shipping details, and return policies, and make quick purchases. Especially when it comes to hitting that “buy now” button, consumers need to trust you and have confidence in your brand. A clean, attractive website goes a long way toward creating that confidence.

While many choose to go it alone when it comes to their website, you may want to enlist the help of a professional. For personalized guidance on your landing page and e-commerce sites, and to really maximize the effect of your online presence, get in touch with Lightning Launch today.

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