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The Best Inventions for Summer

Among the most important factors to consider when launching, and indeed designing, your product, is timing. If you’re developing a tool to more easily scrape snow off your windshield, or keep hot cocoa warm longer, you won’t have much success with a June launch. Seasonal products actually have a real advantage in the marketplace, as long as they’re appropriate for the season. Whether it solves a problem created by the temperature (like air conditioning), or is just a fun accessory (like pool toys), there’s always sense of urgency for consumers to buy. Since summer is upon us, it might be a good idea to start thinking about what ideas could be big seasonal hits.

Here are some huge summer products to get the ideas flowing:

Air Conditioning

Maybe the most impactful summer invention of all time. Remember a time without AC? We don’t either? While we certainly take it for granted now, it wouldn’t have been possible without a great deal of ingenuity from Willis Havlland Carrier, a young engineer in 1902.


Another invention we take for granted, sunscreen was invented in the 1930s. We always say that the driving force behind inventions should be to “solve a problem”. Well, sunscreen was invented to address a pretty serious and prevalent problem.

Easy-Read Lounge Chair

Fast-forwarding in time, contemporary summer inventions are mainly designed to help us maximize our recreation time. One of our favorites is the Easy-Read Lounge Chair. We know how difficult it can be to read at the beach while lying on your stomach. It might not be as big a problem as skin cancer, but still one that’s plagues beachgoers. This chair solves that problem with a hole in the back, allowing you to lay face-down, and tan your back without putting that book away.

And, of course, we have to give props to some of our very own inventors who are in the midst of launching their products!

Football Flask

If you’re looking for a truly multi-purpose beach toy, the Football Flask is one of the coolest and most useful inventions out there. It’s a football you can toss around, in the yard or at the beach, that contains a bottle inside. The bottle holds up to ten shots of your drink of choice.

Wine Squirrel

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of wine on the patio during the summer months? The problem is, unless you’re prepared to drink the whole bottle of wine—which, hey, we see no problem with—any remaining wine will go bad quickly when exposed to oxygen. The Wine Squirrel is a decanter with a patented sealing mechanism, designed to create an airtight, oxygen-free environment, and keep your wine fresh. Whether you’re on the porch, at a BBQ, or bringing some wine to the beach, the Wine Squirrel is key to keeping that summer refreshment fresh.

The Swankey

The perfect summertime companion! Designed to discretely hold a boxed wine bag, this multi-purpose tote also comes with its own dispensing bag, so you can take along ANY beverage while keeping it chilled for hours. With the Included Spout and Dispensing bag you can serve up bloody mary’s, margaritas, or wine with ease, while the ample interior allows plenty of room for your wallet, phone, and even travel cups. Whether you’re heading for a beach day with the girls or an afternoon picnic, this stylish bag completes your ensemble!

Summer is coming up fast, but it’s not too late to launch the perfect summer product. To partner with a company experienced in launching an array of seasonal products, submit your idea to Lightning Launch today.

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