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How to Create the Perfect Sell Sheet

Whether you’re trying to market your product to licensing companies or brick-and-mortar

retailers you need them to have a full understanding of your product, and why they need it on their roster. These companies—especially licensing companies—see hundreds of product pitches a week, and it’s often tough for them to separate the quality ideas from the rest, given the sheer volume of submissions. One way you can really separate yourself from the crowd is by creating a solid sell sheet. A sell sheet gives a comprehensive idea of what your product is, what problem it solves, and why it’s a good investment. They are single-page advertisements for your product, that give companies a quick, easy way to learn what you’re all about. However, because of the truncated format of a sell sheet, this also means you don’t have much space to showcase what makes your product unique. Here’s how to really maximize the impact of your sell sheet, and ensure that your idea stands out from the rest.


This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many inventors get so wrapped up in describing their product, that they forget to actually include visuals. You won’t have room for too many pictures, so the ones you do use should be extremely high quality. It’s worth hiring a 3D artist, or a professional photographer, to really make the image pop. It’s also important to include links to any videos demonstrating your product. The more visuals you can include in your sell sheet, the better a licensee will feel like they know your product, and the more likely they will be to offer you a licensing agreement.


This is the main point of the sell sheet. Highlighting why customers should purchase your product should be the central theme here, and it’s important to be both informative and concise. Think of common product packaging. Usually product descriptions are quite short, condensed to just a few sentences, accompanies by pictures. That’s roughly how you should structure your sell sheet.


Even if you have a great idea, with crisp, professional pictures, it’s still common to get lost in the shuffle. To really set yourself apart, do your research and learn all about the licensees you’re pitching to. They often want new products that will fit with their existing product line, and have a certain aesthetic consistency with everything else they produce. To create this impression, and increase your chances of getting noticed, try modeling the layout of your sell sheet to be aesthetically similar to the products the licensee is already selling. This means replicating color, font, and even language. If you do it correctly, the licensee will feel an immediate sense of familiarity with your product, and be more likely to give it a chance.

Although sell sheets are one of the most important aspects of the product development process, they are commonly overlooked or not given enough attention. Often, this is due to the inventor’s busy schedule. If you’ve got a product that deserves to be noticed, and want to create a beautiful sell sheet, contact the professionals at Lightning Launch today.

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