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Beat the Heat With Our Range of Summer Products

Every inventor knows that it’s important to keep up with the seasons. This time of year, consumers want products that will cool them down, come in handy at the beach, and facilitate an unforgettable summer. If you’re working on a device that makes it easier to clear snow off your driveway, you probably won’t have much success during these hot summer months. Seasonal products have a big advantage in the marketplace, because they tend to go fast, and fill an immediate need. Whether it addresses a temperature-related issue, or is just a fun accessory, there’s always sense of urgency for consumers to buy in the summer. Lightning Launch understands this urgency, and that’s why we’ve taken on a host of cool summer products.

The Swankey

Looking for a way to drink, carry your belongings, and look stylish all at the same time? The Swankey bag is a beverage tote that comes in a variety of bright, summery colors. Perfect for carrying drinks to the beach without having to bring a cooler, the Swankey lets you chill beverages in style.

Simple Sarongs

Simple Sarongs is the perfect solution for when you

need a quick cover-up after getting out of the pool or ocean. Simple Sarongs are buttonable and absorbent, and unlike bulky beach towels that never stay in place, the sarongs are comfortable, made for all body types, provide complete cover, and will make you look beautiful by the poolside.

Pop a Top

For those particularly slippery beer bottles or soda cans, especially on hot days, the Pop a Top automatic bottle opener is here to save the day. Just place it over your beverage and push down to remove the cap. It’s perfect for tailgates, beach outings, golfing, backyard BBQ’s, and anything else you can think of. They’re also customizable, making them a great birthday gift.

Jurassic Fishing

Even the most seasoned fishermen have trouble organizing all their equipment. Between bait, tackle, hooks, fishing line, and other gear, it’s easy to get frustrated before your fishing trip even starts. Jurassic Fishing is a reel and tackle box all in one. It provides space for storing bait and tackle, has no moving or mechanical parts (thus preventing snapping or breaking), and can be easily stored in your luggage, glove compartment, or backpack.


Everyone knows about the dog days of summer, but we often forget that for actual dogs, the temperature can get pretty oppressive. DogEden is a self-heated, self-cooled underground doghouse, which always stays the perfect temperature regardless of the time of year. It’s the first underground, insulated pet shelter of its kind, and a surprisingly affordable way to keep your pet cool and comfortable this summer.

If you have a product you think could be great for summer, or you’re just planning ahead for the upcoming winter season, submit it today for a free evaluation.

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