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Doodling…it’s Not Just for Kids

Key to the invention process is keeping your brain active and stimulated. This can often be difficult if your day job is less than stimulating, or if you’re just having trouble generating those creative juices. You’d be surprised how simple it is to get your mind right for the brainstorming process. All it takes is a relatively childlike activity you probably used to do all the time. Doodling. That’s right, doodling can be both cathartic as well as stimulating, helping you really access the creative part of your brain. Here’s why doodling can lead you to your next great invention breakthrough.

Doodling has long been associated with therapeutic stress-relief, and has even been seen as an alternative to meditation. Psychologist Carl Jung thought coloring helped his patients access their subconscious and attain new self-knowledge. Because of its calming properties, doodling can help you relax, clear your mind, and make room for some great ideas.

Usually, we had our best ideas when we were children. Doodling brings us back to that simpler time, by invoking a childhood nostalgia. Being able to tap into this childlike frame of mind can be greatly beneficial to the brainstorming process. Also, if you find yourself easily distracted when you sit down to work on your invention design, or coming up with a new idea, doodling has been shown to improve concentration and focus. It utilizes a part of the brain associated with concentration, problem solving, and organizational risk, all of which are beneficial to the would-be inventor.

Although it might not seem like it, coloring and doodling are one of the best workouts you can give your brain – and not just the right side. When it comes to balance and color choices, we are exercising our fine motor skills and (though it might not seem like it) problem solving ability. Coloring increasingly difficult designs is like kicking your brain workout up a notch, causing it to subconsciously solve for a variety of subtle variables.

Next time you’ve hit a creative block and you’re not sure what direction to take your invention, or you’re struggling to come up with a winning product idea, don’t just stare at the wall. Grab a pen, some colored pencils, a pad of paper, and start doodling. You might not be creating a masterpiece, but the mere practice of putting pen to paper will get your creative juices flowing, and give your brain a workout. You’ll probably be surprised at the ideas you’ll suddenly come up with while doodling.

If you’re looking for a good place to start, Droodle is a notebook specifically designed for adult doodlers. There are shapes to color in, as well as ample space for doodling and note taking. Check it out here.

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