• Dr. Alevtina M.

Inventor Insights: Part II

Why do people invent? How do they even do it? To think of all the nuances of a specific product….

Isn’t this something that anyone should just be able to do? Since we use these items often…. Why do some miss out on thinking of ideas that come to another so easily.... or do they miss out on thinking or just DOING?

That’s what I would always ask myself when I saw a new item on the market. I think I’m one of many who would say under my breath: “Oh, man, I could’ve done that! Exactly the thing I was thinking about.”

But then I realized, it’s not a competition or race of who gets to it first. I feel it’s more of a deeper drive. To invent, to create, it’s to help yourself and others….to worry less, to have convenience, to smile, to relax. We already have so many things we each go through daily, so any product or idea that gets us looking outside of the “box of life” is always interesting.

So, I vowed to myself that I would literally look at all the details I go through every day, to make myself analyze my actions, and consider what addition or what change can help me and my family. To look for concepts that help solve problems, no matter how simple or complex it is. And if it helps me, I’m sure it’s going to make a lot of people’s lives easier.

What’s so important, is to go to step 3 with your idea which is to be able to draw or put your idea on paper! (step 1 is to see a problem, step 2 is to have a solution, no matter how simple or complicated it may seem). Literally speaking. To make a drawing sheet that can show some action, some method, something to show it physically. Easy to say, hard to do…. I’m thankful to have my husband help me with my sketches. I explain my idea the best I can and he puts it on paper. If I have to do it, it turns out as chicken scratch (I definitely won’t win any prize in art competitions!)

I also represent my idea with words. Explaining in detail what the issue is and what I’m accomplishing with the invention... and how it would work...THAT is probably the main stepping stone that many people avoid, so the idea just stays in the head and nothing happens, until ONE day they see it on a shelf somewhere, and slap their forehead saying “Are you serious? Someone else also thought of that? I could’ve been the inventor since I had the same idea!”

We all have the ability. We all have the desire. We just have to actually go through the to-do list, from beginning to end, of all steps, if we want to attempt to have it out on the market. It’s doable. Just takes time, effort, consistency, and faith.

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