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The Best Inventions to Come Out of CES 2019

CES 2019 wrapped up earlier this month, and if you weren’t able to be there yourself – well, you missed a lot of cool gadgets. Luckily, we’re recapping the best of this year’s CES convention, so you can stay up to speed on all the coolest inventions that may soon be hitting the shelves. This year’s show had everything, from roll-up TVs to insanely thin laptops to a surprisingly delicious faux hamburger. Here are some of our favorite inventions to come out of CES.

Smart Home

If you’ve ever seen the Disney movie Smart House, it might frighten you to learn it’s pretty close to becoming a reality. Smart toilets were unveiled, which feature internet, voice assistants, and more. Amazon also released a new version of the Alexa, now more intuitive than ever, with more and more integration capabilities with other aspects of your home. The same is true of Google Assistant, which boasts a variety of upgrades that make your daily life even easier.

Health and Wellness

Smart Homes might be cool, but innovations in the healthcare field actually improve people’s quality of life in ways that seriously matter. Testcard is a new service that mails pregnancy, UTI, and glucose level testing strips to you for just $4 each. A product called the Quell was also introduced. It’s a small unit worn on your leg that relieves pain sensations for chronic sufferers. It’s 50% smaller and 20% more powerful than anything that came before. The accompanying app has also been totally redesigned.

Virtual Reality

VR makes huge strides every year, and this year was no exception. The Oculus Quest is more powerful than any earlier models, making a serious, immersive VR experience available even to casual users who don’t have a massive budget. The HTC Vive Pro Eye introduced eye-tracking, letting users control in-game experience through eye movements. Another VR product, the Pico G2 4K, is bringing 4K resolution to virtual reality.

Home Theater

Samsung’s “The Wall” is a Micro LED TV, a new type of technology that uses only red, green, and blue pixels, making it incredibly bright and colorful. It can also be assembled in any size or shape you want, making it truly revolutionary in terms of fitting it in your home. This may signify a new trend in television: TVs that are no longer rectangles! There’s also a “roll up” TV, which amazingly rolls right out of its box.


We all know laptops are getting smaller and smaller, so it should come as no surprise that these new laptops, including the Dell CPS 13, are sleeker than ever. With shrunken bezels and small overall footprints, these laptops are both stylish and small, some of which are so thin you’ll barely even notice them in your backpack.

Whether these inventions inspire you to create your own new piece of impressive technology, or something that doesn’t require an advanced engineering degree, reach out to Lightning Launch for an evaluation by a team of experts.

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