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Check Out Our Exciting 2019 Product Line

Everyone is excited about 2019 for their own reasons. We’re excited because of the amazing product launches we have coming up. Every year we have the pleasure of working with inventors through all stages of the product development process – from ideation and design, to manufacturing, creating a marketing strategy, and eventually either a licensing deal or retail launches. Our best days are when we see product launches our inventors have been anticipating for years. 2019 is a particularly exciting year when it comes to our new products. We’re launching inventions in a wide range of industries, from fitness to kitchenware. Take a look at some of the 2019 products we can’t wait to introduce to the public.

Spoon Buddy

Like most household inventions, Spoon Buddy was created out of frustration. When serving Thanksgiving dinner, the inventors of Spoon Buddy were fed up with the buffet area becoming so messy while people served themselves with traditional spoons, with nowhere clean to rest those spoons between servings. Enter Spoon Buddy. This is a spoon rest that can be attached to a lid, countertop, or any flat surface, to hold your spoon between servings, and before you’re

ready to wash.

Moxxi Pilates

The goal of Moxxi is to make Pilates accessible to everyone – not just those who can afford expensive weekly classes. The creators of Moxxi Pilates wanted to find a way to help people exercise, while also balancing their family and work lives. Moxxi is designed to be the perfect in-home solution to this balancing act. It uses the latest technology to deliver on-demand workouts and virtual instruction, allowing you to work out on your own schedule, and get the personal attention you need to really get the most out of the experience.


The Natboo brush was conceived in an effort to combat the pollution caused by the countless disposable plastic brushes discarded every day. After working through several prototypes, the inventor came up with a 100% biodegradable brush (except the bristles), made of sustainable material, and designed to fit the human hand perfectly. Using the Natboo brush is comfortable, effective, and most importantly, reduces your carbon footprint by 30%.


It might not be summertime quite yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stock up on summer gear in advance. You’ve heard of the traditional beer and drink koozie, but while you’re drinking your first beverage, all the others are getting cold. DoubleUp lets you stack two drinks on top of each other, keeping both cold, so when you’re done with the first, you can move right on to the second. DoubleUps are available in either foam or neoprene, and the neoprene versions fold into a single version once you finish the top beverage.

If you think you have an invention that would be a great fit for our 2019 lineup, or are eager to explore the licensing or retail possibilities for your product, contact the experts at Lightning Launch for a product review.

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