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Marathon Must-Haves!

“PUSH, PUSH, PUSH-almost done!” Scratch that! The days of wishing your workouts would just end, are over! With these must have products you will find yourself looking forward to your workouts. Boobuddy x SMUG provides the perfect starter pack while training for the marathon. Compared to other active wear companies, Boobuddy won’t break the bank!

After months of training and cycling through different active wear products, I had the chance to experiment with many workout accessories I’ve seen on commercials and word of mouth. Although I was let down many times, my long hours of running lead me to my favorite products I couldn’t run and train without. Once I had the opportunity to try a few SMUG x Boobuddy products, they have superseded all of my expectations.

Original Boobuddy: Running can be a full body workout, and without the right support for your assets, your planned 10-mile run turns into an irritating 2 mile run. If you don’t want this accessory to be seen, it can easily be hidden as well. Feeling lighter, put together, and comfortable in your skin is a must on a long run.

SMUG Active Bluetooth Audio Headband: In the colder weather, the Bluetooth Headband was ideal. With a quick set up to my iPhone, I was ready to run with music blasting in my ears. Not only did it comfortably cover my ears from the colder weather, I didn’t have to worry about wearing headphones underneath or in general. As the warmer weather is approaching, the Bluetooth Headband has come in handy to listen to music without the hassle of having to adjust your ear buds or having a string dangle in front of you.

SMUG Printed Hair Bands (Logo or Star Print): No matter how long or short your hair is, you NEED your hair out of your face while training. These elastics are the perfect material, not too tight or thin to not give you a headache while running. These are a must for me!

SMUG Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask: Not only is sleep so important to stay fresh for every run, being relaxed is essential after training. I’ve found the mask to be a peaceful accessory after a shower and help the processes of falling asleep so much easier.

SMUG Active Accessory Bag: With all the products I need for

my runs and strength training sessions, having an accessory bag to carry everything makes it easier to travel with. Not only am I prepared for my session, but also I’m doing it in style.

The long process of training for the marathon isn’t always easy, but with the right products my hours of sweating through the pain has been worth it. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a run not go as planned, so being prepared is key to a successful training session. It’s time to ditch the uncomfortable gear!

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