• Casey C.

Girls On The Go With GirlyGoGarter

Listen up ladies, it’s time to ditch the purses! GirlyGoGarter is seriously the most epic need for

girls on the go. Not want, need! If you’re tired of carrying your purse, remembering a wristlet, or awkwardly dancing with your purse when you’re out with your friends (don’t worry we’ve all been there), then this product is for you!

GirlyGoGarter was designed by women for women. The garter holds up to 3lbs, yes, we’re

not lying... 3, whole, pounds! And, get this… it never slides! Made of gorgeous lace, comfy microfiber and patented GentleFlex™ gippers to ensure ideal comfort and security. It holds anything and everything your purse does.

Chock it full of all your essentials, look trendy, and never have to worry about carrying anything. It’s that easy. Even Taylor Swift thinks so, after all she uses hers for her mic pack on stage. How will you GirlyGoGarter?

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