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The Best Inventions of Spring

Spring is here, and so are an exciting new line of spring products. Whether you’re trying to get in shape for summer, planning that first spring shopping spree, or have already begun thinking about backyard landscaping, these products will make your transition to the warmer weather a whole lot easier. From the Buttmaker, designed to get you toned and in-shape for summer beach days, to AvoSeedo, which will help you grow your own avocado tree in your backyard, these products should be on your radar as you prepare for the warmer months.

Zip My Dress

This zipper puller is designed specifically for the invisible zipper, though it works well on all types of zippers. Now, you won’t have to embarrassingly ask a friend to zip your dress ever again. Carry Zip My Dress in your purse, and use it conveniently when shopping or trying on clothes. “At zip my dress, we believe the best solution is zipping your own dress,” and this zipper puller truly makes that possible.


Growing your own avocado trees is an appealing prospect for any gardener, but actually doing it can seem daunting. AvoSeedo breaks it down into an easy step-by-step process, and facilitates your tree’s growth. Just cut open an avocado, and place the pit inside the AvoSeedo. Then, put the AvoSeedo in a bowl of water, write the date on a small flag and place it into the flag holder, change the water every two to three weeks, and watch your avocado pit turn into a little avocado tree. It’s as simple as that!

Moxxi Pilates

The Moxxi Pilates home gym is designed to be the most convenient home Pilates experience

on the market. It’s more than just a Pilates Chair. Moxxi’s goal is to “make the age-defying benefits of Pilates attainable for any person, no matter social status, age, or size.” It includes a spin seat, spring based resistance, split petal, and functional resistance bands to truly hit all the important parts of your body. Whether your goal is to build strength without the bulk, become leaner, or improve your stamina and mobility, Moxxi Pilates home gym is essential for anyone, regardless of your fitness goals.


The GirlyGoGarter is a functional piece of lingerie designed to not only look beautiful, but perform well and last for years. The lace garters are lined with soft, moisture-wicking microfiber, and patented latex-free GentleFlex™ can grip bare skin in total comfort without slipping. And the best part — because of the unique pocket design, you don’t have to worry about anything falling out. They can truly be used by anyone in a variety of situations, from waitresses to single-moms to those in corporate settings.


Summer is creeping up on us, and before you know it it’ll be beach season. That means your body has to be beach-ready, but that can be difficult to accomplish in just a few months’ time with your traditional gym routine. Buttmaker utilizes Eccentric Training, which has been proven to be the most efficient type of training for butt muscle growth and muscle fiber density. With Buttmaker, you will train with higher average force than traditional weights, leading to more muscle growth and strength. Learn more about Eccentric Training on the Buttmaker website.

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