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Incredible Inventions

While we might not think about it in our daily lives, inventions are consistently and inevitably surrounding us, making our day to day lives easier, more efficient and effective. Let’s take a look at how they’ve progressed over the years…The eruption of inventions began as early as 4-5 billion years ago when people discovered that the sun produced energy, which later turned into something we use today known as solar energy. We as humans are constantly changing and evolving and so is the world around us, making the need for new inventions crucial to human existence. While it’s important to think about how we can keep moving forward, it’s also important to remember where we started. Sometimes looking into the past sparks a new idea that could change the future!

Dating all the way back to ancient times stands one of our most prominent and important inventions, the alphabet! Thanks to the Semites of the Mediterranean, we have a way to communicate with one and other to collaborate and keep new and improved ideas flowing. To expand upon just how much we’ve grown in the form of communication, we now have cell phones, smart phones, computers and other electronics that allow us to communicate on the go. The beginning of the electronic invasion began with Steve Jobs in 1984 with his invention of the Macintosh laptop through his company, Apple. Today, we can communicate quickly and efficiently due to his help and hard work towards the colossal progression of communication.

Another invention that has greatly influenced human life dates back to 1886 when walking or riding in a cart and buggy

ceased from being the primary source of transportation. This change occurred as a courtesy of Germany’s Karl Benz and his magnificent invention of the automobile which has continued to improve and evolve. Today even autonomous or self-driving cars are being tested as a result of Ernst Dickmann’s wild and faulty idea to create them in 1986. This essentially means that there could potentially be cars driving around without drivers!

However, while we’re still behind the driver’s wheel and in control of our own cars, a common issue we have is getting lost. When you’re driving around in a new place and realize you have no idea where you are, what do you turn to? A GPS! The early stages of

this invention dates all the back to 1050 BC when the Chinese created a compass for ‘spiritual and navigational purposes’. Once the electromagnet was invented in 1825, the compass really took off and progressed into our navigational savior, the GPS. Beginning with Roger L. Easton, Ivan Getting, Bradford Parkinson and Dr. Gladys West’s early invention of the GPS in the 1970s, today we are able to navigate our way through the world with countless electronic devices to get us from point A to point B in a timely fashion.

While this timeline barely scrapes the surface of all of the incredible inventions that have been created since the dawn of time, it makes us think and reflect on human capabilities. It also shows us that even the simplest ideas can transform into life changing inventions that eventually become almost crucial to human existence. So get reading and get thinking and you just might be on your way to creating the next best thing!

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