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Sizzling Summer Products

As you dive into July, we want to keep your life fresh, vibrant and simple with our new sizzling summer products!

Shopping for that perfect summer dress and tired of constantly encountering the struggle of trying to reach behind you for the zipper on your dress? Even worse, are you sick of being unable to get the zipper to cooperate and actually zip up your entire dress? We’ve been there and we’re here to help! Thanks to our new product Zip My Dress, this issue has been absolved and we can all rest assured that we will never have to deal with the aggravating struggle of trying to zip up our dresses alone again. This product uses a stylish ribbon attached to an elegant bow on one end and a clip that grips onto that pesky zipper on the other end. Once you’ve attached the zipper to the clip, you can then simply pull on the ribbon and zip your own dress easily and efficiently. Viola!

In order to now look amazing in the dress you’ve gotten into with Zip My Dress, Lightning Launch has a new product that can tone, shape and grow your butt leaving you feeling confident and looking stunning. This product uses eccentric training that pulls you down while also using concentric pulling that pulls you up, giving you a more complete and efficient workout. This type of training helps work on muscle growth and density to give you your best butt! ButtMaker will give you that extra boost you need to be on your A game all summer long!

Since you’ve accomplished the perfect booty with ButtMaker, now it’s time to perfect your entire body with Moxxi Pilates! This product consists of a pilates chair where you can move, stretch and strengthen your entire body with just one simple machine! This unique design allows your seat pad to swivel so you can work every angle of your body

to get that perfect summer beach bod you’ve always dreamed of. This creative and efficient design helps tone your body with consistent workouts of 20 minutes or less! That’s right, no more spending countless hours in the gym and leaving without results. Moxxi Pilates will help keep your workouts fun, diverse and most importantly, rewarding!

Now that you’re looking fit and fab, you’re ready to go out on the town with your favorite furry friend! However, when you return home you want to make sure your best friend is feeling as great as you are. With our new product Barking Mat, you and your pup can now feel safe and secure without having to

worry about accidents in your home. This product allows your dog to sit on a sheek comfortable mat when he needs to go outside. Once he’s physically on the mat, the product will alert you that your dog needs to go out as it lets out a powerful bark. This product can now become your pup’s personal translator to make sure you’re never unsure if your pup has to go outside, and you don’t have to worry about accidents in your home ever again!

After purchasing our new sizzling summer products you’re ready for a super summer that you’ll never forget!

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