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6 Simple Steps to Turning Your Idea Into an Invention

Do you ever get those moments in a day where something just hits you? No no no, not like a ball hitting you. Like a great idea just hit you! The blood starts rushing through your skin because you are so excited to tell all your friends what you just thought of. But when you finally tell your friends about your new idea, they ask you ‘well how on earth are you gonna pull that off?’ Suddenly the rush fades away, and you are not as excited as you once were. You realized that your friends are right, how am I going to pull this off!? Lucky for you, your idea can become an invention in only 6 simple steps.

Simple Sells. New products are invented daily. This includes the flashy products with all the bells and whistles. While there is a market for those types of products, keep the products simple. Simple products that make everyday life easier sells. Forbes states, “Creating high-quality products with fewer features--but priced right -- can mean more sales and money in your pocket.”

Document. It’s also super important for you, as an inventor, to write down your ideas. This is crucial for so many reasons: you will never forget about that idea you had a few days ago and you have proof that you were the first to think of this product. Another great tip is having you own “Inventors Journal,” with all of your ideas organized in the same place.

Research! Research! Research! Researching your product is make or break. If you don’t perform any research on your product and there are similar in the market, no one is going to want to license. Another big step people forget to do is research the market that you are going to be targeting. Learn about who the competitors are in the market, see what works for that product and what doesn’t. An easy way to do this is by looking at the reviews of the product online.

Make a Prototype. Put together all the ideas you have written in your journal and prove that your product can work in real life. Begin this process by making a sketch of all your ideas. These sketches do not have to be perfect, but clear enough to be understood. When the sketches are done, you are going to pull together ideas of how you are going to make a 3D version of your sketches. In other words, a mockup. Once your mockup is finished, it is time to create a full working model of your idea. This process, like the rest of the other steps, will not turn out perfect on the first try. It’s important to always have a positive attitude when following these steps because it is going to take a lot of hard work and patience.

File a Patent, if needed. If you do not know what a patent is here is a quick definition, “the exclusive right granted by the government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years.” Therefore, you don’t have to have a patent to sell your product, but you do have to have one to prevent others from knocking you off. And, keep in mind, that once you start selling your product (or even do a crowdfunding campaign) you can no longer apply for a patent because the idea has been disclosed to the public.

Hellooo Market. Once all of the previous steps are completed, it is time to bring your product to market! In order to make sure you product will sell well in the market space, make sure you ask yourself these questions: How will you get money? Where will you manufacture the product? What is your brand and brand message? How will you sell it? How will you pay for packaging? What is my promise to my customers/clients and to myself? What are my objectives, strategies and action steps to achieve this?

Remember, getting your product on the shelf does not happen overnight, this process can take years. With that being said, Celebrate Your Successes. Recognize that some people give up and do not make it as far as you did. You have completed so much throughout your journey as an inventor and have an opportunity to build a business. An offer that not many people get.




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