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Keen Kids!

Did you know that some of the most entertaining, innovative and useful inventions of our time were created by kids? Neither did we! So we did the research and decided to educate you on some of the most shocking ones. Let’s take a look!

First on the list, we’ll jump to one of the most beloved entertainment centers in America...the trampoline! At the mere age of 16, George Nissen had the brilliant idea to create the trampoline after being inspired by the nets that trapeze artists collapse into at the circus! This clever kid thought it would be more entertaining if these stunt artists were able to bounce off of the base that they fall onto and proceed directly to more tricks. This invention then took off and made its way from the military, Olympics and more to our backyards and entertainment centers such as SkyZone and Launch. Incredible!

Next we’ll recognize one of the major life savers of the chill zone as we inch closer to cold weather...earmuffs! 15-year-old ice skater, Chester Greenwood was sick of his ears freezing at the rink. With the assistance of his grandmother, Greenwood would create the first set of improved earmuffs out of beaver skin attached to a wire headband type structure. Now we know who are warm ears have to thank in the midst of the chilling cold. Winters wouldn’t be the same without this immaculate conception!

Brrr, let’s step away from the cold and enjoy our last few days under the warmth of the sun. What’s the best way to enjoy the heat? By treating yourself to a tasty popsicle! Yup, that’s right, the mastermind behind the popsicle stand is 11-year-old Frank Epperson. Even more shockingly, this invention was an accident! After forgetting that he’d left water, powdered soda and a stick in a cup overnight, he woke up to the delicious surprise of the popsicle! When you’re enjoying your favorite frozen snack, you know who you have to thank!

Now there’s plenty of other child inventors out there who have also made their mark on our lives, but that list just keeps growing! Just remember, never take children for granted. Their crazy ideas just may become the next essential item of the century!






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