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Holiday Helpers

As we bundle up and get cozied into the winter season, what better way to prepare than to look over some fun and helpful products that’ll make the holidays just a little brighter! Let’s unwrap these beneficial tips...

So we’ve all heard of and maybe even own the famous Elf on the Shelf, a family favorite during the holidays. But looking at the elf doing the same thing, day by day, doesn’t seem to recapture the initial fun as the days go on... Imagine seeing the elf hanging in front of the comfy fireplace one day, and sticking to the fridge the next? Well, now your dream can become a reality thanks to The Elf Doctor! This innovative product allows families to administer a ‘surgical procedure’ that allows their Elf to become more mobilized and fun! With this product the Elf can bend, stick, hang and even communicate with the family with the Elf Notes Kit. Make your home feel cheery every morning!

Around the holidays there’s always lots of parties and gatherings where you’ll most likely find yourself squeezing into your favorite little dress. While it’s fun and exciting to get all dressed up for the occasion, what’s more frustrating than being unable to zip your dress quickly and efficiently without it getting caught. Or worse, not being able to reach it without assistance! Put your worries at ease with Zip My Dress! This tool is designed to clip onto the zipper of your dress and with the attached ribbon, you can grasp onto the opposite side of the zipper clip for an easy zip each time! What once might’ve taken longer than any of us would like to admit, can now be done in seconds. Get your own Zip My Dress today and share the news with your lovely ladies!

Once you’ve arrived at the party, you can become the star of the show with Perfect Drink Pro! With this trendy tool you can create the perfect drink every time! Choose what kind of drink you want to make, what size and how much of it you’d like! You can also make multiple drinks at a time to better convenience your party guests. So choose your favorite holiday drinks and get mixing!

Finally after a long season of holiday excitement, it’s time for some clean up and we’re here to help with Twistout! This valuable invention allows you to clean all of the build-up out of your drain in one easy step. All you have to do is place the Twistout stick into your drain and simply pull it back out! You’ll be left with a fresh, empty drain every time.

With these helpful holiday tools, make this winter the best one yet!






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