• Jacqueline Sampson

Trekking Towards Triumph

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, who do we turn to to keep us warm? The North Face! While we may primarily enjoy this brand as it protects us from winter’s brutality, it’s important to know just how this company got to where it is and how it became a customer favorite in keeping us toasty during this frigid season! Let’s explore…

Originating all the way in San Francisco, California, The North Face brand originated in 1966 when two hikers, Douglas Tompkins and Susie Tompkins Buell decided to create their own retail store. The two were set on the idea of creating high quality outdoor gear for lovers of the outdoors like themselves, and wanted to create products that would protect their clients from the harshness of winter. From there, the company progressed into the well-known franchise we adore today with their fitting slogan, ‘Built for all. Built to Last’.

How did they think of the name, you might ask? The founders decided upon the brand, ‘The North Face’ in naming it cleverly after the extremely cold, icy and incredibly difficult portion of the mountain to climb as it too is referred to as the north face of the mountain.

The brand slowly became more popular as people began to realize how sustainable and efficient The North Face products actually were, which caused the company to grow at a rapid rate. After becoming so profitable and popular, the brand was taken on by Odyssey Holdings (another outdoor product company) before later being sold at a public auction for $62 million to J.H. Whitney & Co., Cason, and William S. Macfarlane. This then led to the renaming of the brand to ‘The North Face Inc.’

While The North Face is particularly known for its comfortable and dynamic jackets, the brand has also created multiple other products for the great outdoors such as insulated sleeping bags, hats, shoes, backpacks and more to fit all of your exploratory needs!

Now that you know The North Face story, you can take pride in your gear and continue to enjoy the winter season comfortably and stylishly!






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