• Jackie S.

Amazing Accidents

Believe it or not, we’re entering our third month of 2020! Time flies when you’re having fun and we hope that your February was full of it, but let’s get ready for marvelous March! As we enter the luckiest month of the year, let’s take a look at some inventions that made it into the world purely by chance... and we’re lucky to have them!

Let’s start with one of the breakfast food classics, Corn Flakes! These tasty treats were an accidental creation of the Kellogg brothers. How, you might ask? It turns out one of the Kellogg brothers left dough mix out to dry for way too long and suddenly the mix was in several tiny pieces. Thankfully, he didn’t toss out his masterpiece of a mistake, and instead took the risk of taking a bite. To his amazement, the flakes were delicious and soon we were given the flavorful concoction we know and love as Corn Flakes.

And, now this from Kellogg's:

Next we have a childhood favorite, Silly Putty! While the silly slime brings a smile to our faces, this cool creation was an accident that dates all the way back to World War II. During this time, there was a desperate need for synthetic rubber and lone behold silly putty became its accidental byproduct! Next time you squeeze and stretch your favorite pile of putty, you can take pride in knowing a little of its history!

Now this one’s a creation that our jeans love to hate... potato chips! These delicious crisps were an accidental creation caused by a customer’s desire for extremely fried and thin potatoes at a restaurant. After frying them one too many times, and thinking they would be anything but satisfactory, to the chef’s surprise, the customer loved them! Soon after, they ended up being an American classic that are now welcomed guests at many of our dining tables.

A final magnificent mistake is an excellent entertainer... fireworks! While we can admire the beauty of the light show fireworks produce in virtually any location, it’s interesting to know just how they came about. Funnily enough, they were discovered in a kitchen with an overly experimental cook who thought it would be a clever idea to squeeze a mysterious brew into a bamboo tube. While it’s a silly story to imagine, it gave us the fantastic shows we love to enjoy.

So, go into your lucky month with an open mind, you never know what kind of amazing accident awaits!




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