• Jackie S.

Funny Finds

Can you believe it? It’s already February! With winter dwindling down and the start of spring in close reach, let’s take a look at some quirky inventions to make this your month of giggles and happiness!

First on our list, sounds unbelievable, but it really exists! Here we have the “Dogbrella”. Sounds pretty self-explanatory and maybe a bit ridiculous, but this cute and quirky invention helps keep your furry best friend dry during the dreaded downpours that come with the start of spring! Not only will your pooch look adorable under their little safety shield, the “Dogbrella” attaches to your pup’s leash so it’s easy to manage during your walks. Now that we’ve brought this invention to your attention, try not to smile every time you imagine how cute your pup is going to look during your strolls in the rain.

Ok this one’s for all you music lovers... next on our list is the “Piano Doorbell.” Why have a typical boring sound to let you know that your guest has arrived, when you can have a pretty piano sound instead? Plus, while you’re doing those finishing touches whether it be on your hair or your home, your guest will be amused while waiting on your arrival! Treat your friends, neighbors and family to this innovative invention to keep the whole party entertained and smiling!

While February could be the best month of the year, we all know that there’s one day this month that maybe not everyone is looking forward to. That’s right... Valentine’s Day. However, thanks to the clever creators of the world, all you lovely singles have the perfect fix... “Hug Me Pillow.” This amazing invention includes a pillow that is essentially shaped like the perfect hug with an arm to comfort you when you’re feeling lonely. Treat yourself! Make that special someone yourself and brighten your Valentine’s Day this year.

With endless quirky, cute or just plain weird inventions and ideas floating around the world, do your research and find something that could make every day just a little bit better. Have a fantastic February!




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