• Jackie S.

Happy, Healthy and Beautiful!

Now that it’s 2020 and we’re all fiercely working on building our best selves, let’s make this the month of the ladies and celebrate some of the female focused inventions that will keep us happy, healthy and beautiful!

Ok ladies let’s talk beauty. While some of us love them and some of us hate them, I’m sure we all can agree that we have a few dresses lying around somewhere in our closets. Whether it be for a big night out or a professional day in the office, we usually find ourselves squeezing into one of these at various points in our lives. We feel beautiful wearing them, but the hassle of getting them on is sometimes too much to manage when we’re trying to rush out the door. Look no further, with Zip My Dress your day to dress up just got so much easier! This incredible invention created by one of our fabulous friends allows you to zip your own dress instantly! That’s right, no more asking for help or spending all of that valuable time trying to get your zipper to cooperate, now it’s as simple as attaching a clip to your zipper and pulling on the attached ribbon until your dress is zipped and looking fab!

Now let’s talk health... part of being healthy includes relaxation, right? Well, we think so! Introducing Perfect Drink Pro, this product is the perfect accessory to ending your long day on a positive note. By using Perfect Drink Pro, you can make any drink, any size, perfectly and without any hassle, as this product is designed to do all the measuring for you. Perfect Drink Pro could be your favorite new friend, what are you waiting for?

While we’re keeping ourselves happy, healthy and beautiful, let’s talk fitness. We are all eager to get our best body so why not get started? With Moxxi Pilates, you can get a full body workout in as little as 20 minutes! Moxxi Pilates provides a fresh and innovative approach to exercising that keeps you engaged in your workout. This product focuses on toning and strengthening your body to help you work actively and efficiently. Best of all you can use it in almost any location! Let’s get moving!

As we’re starting off on the right foot this new year, try these new trends to become your best self!





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