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Keep On Keeping On!

Ever feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t get it right? You try and try and feel like there’s always something holding you back? Well you’re not alone! Some of the most successful people in the world had to overcome drastic obstacles in order to reach where they are today, and their message is to never give up!

While it seems nearly impossible to imagine, the richest man in the world, Bill Gates did fail before he reached fruition. Shockingly enough, Bill Gates’ first business failed terribly and he was unable to make a decent income. But as he, and many other success stories claim, you can never give up! In his case, it clearly worked in his favor. Keep trying, success is on the horizon!

Another shocking success story that overcame outrageous obstacles comes from comedy favorite, Jim Carrey. Believe it or not, the hilarious, wealthy, legend was once homeless. He came from essentially no money and was able to seek out his dream to become a comedian, leading him to make millions. He never gave up, and neither should you!

Think of one of your favorite TV hosts... she’s funny, she’s kind and if you look under your seat you win a free prize! That’s right, television star Oprah Winfrey also overcame extreme obstacles to make it to where she is today. While we know and love her as the amazing, empathetic woman she is on television, she’d previously been fired from a Baltimore TV show for being ‘too emotionally invested’. Shocking, we know. But she was able to make her way to fame and fortune through never giving up!

If the message hasn’t been clear enough, we’re all telling you to never give up! Keep trying, keep pushing forward, and keep motivating yourself to get through the tough times. We know you’ll come out on top!




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