Product Development

& Distribution

We’ve created a different kind of service to help inventors build from the ground up. Our success is linked to the success of your product. We are very thoughtful in the opportunities we pursue, and always endeavor to limit your investment and maximize your return.

Many of our Lightning Launch clients are building a business around their invention, product or service and have struggled with how difficult it can be to get to market and manage market penetration.


We have a full array of relationship management and coordination services that bring all of the benefits of our robust, long-standing relationships to a scaling business, without the financial obligations that many times stall growth, and ultimately limit capabilities.


With a great deal of care, and an intense focus on results,

we provide these value-added services to our private clients:


Cost Analysis

Comprehensive competitive product analysis to determine the appropriate pricing structure

Product Design & Manufacturing

Our team of experts will provide guidance on how to best design, construct and manufacture for optimal commercialization of your product. The Lightning Launch team will work hard to avoid costly mistakes by identifying design challenges early in the process.


Point of Sale, Packaging

Lightning Launch will design merchandising strategy that includes efficient & effective packaging/display & that allows for maximum visibility & velocity on retail shelves.​

Market Research

Lightning Launch's consulting team will design & implement an effective go-to-market strategy based on maximizing market penetration and optimizing manufacturing efficiencies. 


Retail Distribution

Lightning Launch works with a variety of retailers and distributors to get your product on the shelves of retailers. We have the widest and most creative palate of cost-effective sales mechanisms - from simple online strategies that compound early sales results to complex multi-faceted programs that drive sell-thru velocity.

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